I am Eva, I am working as Visual and Multimedia-Artist since 2004. I am a mixture of a VJ, photographer and filmmaker to characterize it best.

My works treat such themes like youth-culture, globalization, sociological and sociopolitical developments. Main focus of my work is producing multimedia works in the areas of print, web and video – a combination of stills, music and video for several kind of publication, but I am also doing live-sets with music and sounds.

Since 2006 I am taking pictures of teens and adults, who are interested in Manga, Anime, science-fiction novels and fantasy, LARP, comics, … I try to photograph them on a regular basis with different approaches. The project was first called

‘Yume, Genjitsu’ – dream and reality.

It is a project about cosplayers and their personal surroundings from all over Europe. More than 1000 people – no more I guess – have taken part. I have no idea how many have really been involved in the meantime. I stopped counting after 500. People (age range 11- 55 years) from Austria, Germany, UK, Hungary, Spain, Israel, USA … have participated so far, be it during a photo-shooting or an interview.

I changed the title to ‘From one Cosplay to the other’ this year.

Have a look at my website:


I am no cosplayer. Really, I do not own one single cosplay, I do not even dress up for carnival,… but I got fascinated by the fact how much passion is involved in the love for Anime, films, fiction, comics, Mangas.

I started a journey, I hope you will join me. This blog will be a mixture about news of the project, past and future experiences.