Name: Yuriko – Hungary
Age: 27
Profession: studied economy, is working in a german company in Hungary

How many hours are you spending on a Cosplay?

I have a Job, I can only spent 1-2 hours on a day at the Cosplay. It takes up to 3 months to finish a Cosplay. But that is also a question of the Character, how difficult the costume in general is.

I like versatility characters, they have to have something special. I have to know these characters very well and I have to like them too.

Cosplay consumes a lot of time, I am not a student any more. To get ready on time with the Cosplay I have to start to work early, the earlier the better. I am meeting up also with friends and spent my time with other hobbies too. I am also Co-organizer of some Conventions, I have a very tight scedule.

excerpts of an Interview  (2009)


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