Convention: LBM = Lepziger Bookfair
Country: Germany, Leipzig


Visiting the first time a convention in germany….

A black-feathered bird with big yellow feet is stomping through the halls, being led through the overcrowded and narrow hallways to the Cosplay-area by wig-wearing warriors. Bars, swords – bigger then those who carry them – long sashes made of leaves and fabric do show their colorful play. Why do wig-wearing girls with rebuilt sewer pipes bigger then they are run around the Convention area? How does one transport those wings with more then four metres wingspan in a train? Questions, questions.

My first bigger Con outside Austria had been the LBF (Leipzig Book Fair) 2008 – I as civilian, right in the middle of it all, being tired from the long drive by bus. To the left, to the right, posing Cosplayers, pretending to be in the middle of a fight or battle, getting photographed by different people every single minute – hour after hour.

Why are there chocolate gold coins lying on the floor every few metres? Oh, a black ghost with a white mask – and then the quiz starts: “Which Chara from which series is this?” Youths in outworn clothes with red spots and headbands getting chased by Zombies – and what’s even more frightening: Why does this monster know me and says “Hello Eva”??? It’s not always immediately recognaziable who’s standing right in front of you.

Sometimes, visitors do utter comments like: “This wouldn’t have been possible in my time!” Or: “Lunatics, all lunatics!” It’s quite astonishing, that even in the 21st century the obvious wearing of costumes can so upset some people. The LBM is a place where Cosplayers and people who are into books are mixing up. Not everyone likes to be surrounded by people wearing colourful costumes. It´s overgrowded too, reminding me on my later traintravels in Mumbai or going by bus in India…

I would say that in germany and austria there are more then 77% female Cosplayers. Some are dressing up near their cars, some are travelling by public transport to the convention. Leipzig got used to it.