Convention:  Connichi 2010
Country: Germany – Kassel

A “typical” cosplay summer

Countdown to the Con – the following events have been condensed in time due to dramatic reasons. All experiences are true to life and illustrate how quickly one can get under time pressure, despiter the timely start of production – because there’s also other things to do apart from cosplay.

6 months prior to the Con: Bought 20 metres of silk, extremely cheap! Now that will be a cosplay!

Day 40: Looking for a cosplay where you can use those cheaply bought silk. Researching for hours in the www, looking for charas. Haydée from ‘Gankutsuo’, that’s it.

Day 39: Where can I lay up those length of silk within my own walls? On the floor in my bedroom? But how do I get to my bed then? When I start working from front to back, then I could leave the room and come back after a few hours… Damn, I must finally begin to compile the submissions for the film project and I need to place ads,…

Day 29: Ads placed: Seeking actors for film project,… Please apply from the date … by telephone, by post or e-mail to…

Day 20: Not enough silk! Silk shopping – 5 metres for the same price as for 25 metres,… getting angry about it – now I’ll let it be! 257th call of an applicant for a supporting role, said he did act in a soap-opera – episode 495. Will air today. Note: Turn on the TV at 6.45 p.m. and start with your cosplay.

Day 12: Submissions are ready. Here we go, blazing the patterns with tailor’s chalk. Painting the plans for manors, that is the square patterns… mobile is ringing – brief discussion with a colleague on the planned film – forgot the date – quickly to the car.

Day 11: First length of silk is ready. Square patterns are painted – I’ll let it dry. Why’s the Inbox on my computer so full? Applications,… Sleeping on the couch in the living room,… the colors must dry.

Day 10: Ouch, my back, painting the patterns. 6, 10, 20 – let them dry. Cleaning up my Inbox again – looking on 30 new applications daily, films, looking at pictures of the applicants. Now I’ll let it be! I thought about doing so quite often, especially when I was sitting on the floor with my knees and my back hurting as hell.

Day 9: I can not wash the silk. You can see the pre-drawn cretaceaous patterns. Now I’ll let it be! Four hours later, the second layer – drying – ouch, my knees! Self-doubts! Mixing colors! Resuming! Mobile is ringing, every 30 minutes – internal memo: don’t publish your phone number. The doorbell’s ringing, I’m on the other side of the room but the color hasn’t dried yet. That was certainly the postman with the ordered green long hair wig.

Day 8: Yellow paper in the postbox: Please pick up item from the post office tomorrow, Mo – Fr.

Damn, today is Saturday,… Painting black lines. Ouch, my… Getting up, phone rings, cleaning up the Inbox.

Silk paint has a special “tension effect” – small splashes become huge circles, and in order that the color for the floral design does not leak, you send little prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, please, please, no splashes, just no splashes…

The next layer of paint can dry now.

The worst thing about this costume was the permanent possibility of irreversible damage, which would destroy everything achieved previously, in every step, every second. This is exhausting for the soul, especially towards the end. You sweat blood and water.

Day 6: Creating the 1000th template for the flowers. Telephone, Inbox, telephone, Inbox, prayers, ouch, telephone,…

Day 2: Depending on the color, you have to stamp over it up to four times with the templates – it’s only twice with purple. Telephone, Inbox, postbox, prayers, ouch, telephone, prayers,…

Day 1: Ironing – mobile’s ringing, don’t forget to put the iron to the side – telephone call with an unemployed actor who applied for the film project,…

Day of the Con: It’s raining, over three hours journey to the Con with four times switching. Note: I’d better let it be!

It’s about as exhausting to wear the costume as it had been creating it…

Actually it was a very comfortable Cos – for wearing… at the Connichi ….