Name: MystikWolf – Vienna – Austria
Age: 22
Profession: Staff

In 2007 you wanted to unsettle other Cosplayers with your costume. A mixture of a character with real life. Do you still want to ‚shock’others with your cos?

From time to time… It’s simply so much fun gg

It’s funny playing weird versions of a character and to watch the reactions of other Cosplayers.

How did your family react? Is there a life apart from Manga and Anime?

My family was shocked at first, but in the meantime they got accustomed to it. I do have other hobbies apart from cosplay, like sports, etc. and meeting with friends which have nothing to do with Anime, Manga and the like.

Do you have a lot of Mangas at home? Which one has been your first Manga?

So many that I don’t know where to put them… my first Manga has been ‚Tenchi Muyo’, ‚One Piece’.

Up-to-date Mangas, Animes in Austria are …?

I’d say ‚Naruto, ‚D.Gray-man’ and ‚Bleach’.

Interview 2009 – picture was taken 2010 at the german convention Connichi