Pic taken out of  “Das Verkleidungsdings aus Fernost” published 2010.

Name: “The Fly” – Austria, Vienna, January 2009
Age: 20
profession: graphic designer

Why did you chose Cosplay, why not L.A.R.P – live action role-playing – Modelmaking…?

Thats right, but I like the social aspect. Cosplay and Larp, yes there are similarities. But you cant fall out of the role when a Larp takes playes, you cannot change the character. one weekend one role. You cannot start chatting with other people, who arnt playing, like when you are on a Cosplay convention. Larp is for me only a game.

Do you like Comics?

Yeah, for sure. I was growing up with Comics. Over the years I changed. Today I love Horror­ stories, I am more into European than American Comics meanwhile also the topics have changed, they are now more demanding than in former times.

Otaku – What’s that?

There are people who say they are a Nerd or Otaku, like being a really big fan. I am not sure if they really know the Japanese meaning as well, which is not positive at all. Otaku seems to be posh; therefore I stopped calling myself an Otaku.

How long did you work on that Cosplay?

For the Mask, one weekend, 35 hours working trough. For the body – one month. I cannot see that much, when I am wearing it, I always need a second person that guides me.

How is your family, how are friends reacting on your hobby?

They think its ok. At work … oh that’s difficult, most would think I am crazy, they would not see the work behind, only the person running in an unusual thing around.



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