Not every Anime- , Mangafan is a Cosplayer therefore I started a own series…. (Eva Schimmer)

Name: Jade – Vienna, Austria
Age: 21
Profession: pupil

Your favored Manga are?

Angel Sanctuary, Loveless, GetBackers, SoulEater, Silver
Diamond, One Piece und Black Butler are my favored Mangas. Animes. I like  also the film adaptions of those and  the Manga Ouran High School Hostclub and My Hime^^

I am watching Anime since childhood. I started with the series Mila Superstar and of course the great Biene Maya. Later on reading Mangas I really got addicted. It all started with OnePiece.

I am more a Cosplay Fan then an Cosplayer. I hope it will change soon! But I have to study hard at the moment and I don´t have that much money. Small Projects I do, for really investing a lot of time…. That is not possible  _._