Sailor Moon – the Moon princess

This TV series was very often mentioned during the interviews in Austria and Germany as the first contact to Anime.

Sailor Moon was broadcast 1995 the first time on television in Germany (TV-Channel – ZDF), 1997 by the Austrian TV-Channel ORF. At that time private TV Channels and cable TV weren’t that wide spreaded. In Austria for example there were 2 TV Channels only, today not imagineable for most people. Nonetheless the Series needed a second try to get popular.

Before that a wide range of in Japanese Animes were broadcast since the 50thies like ´Speed Racer, Biene Maja 1975, Heidi 1974, Once apone time… , Captain Future, Barbapapas, Wickie und the strong man, or new movies like Ah! My Goddess (2000), Ghost in the Shell, Final Fantasy,… Most people would not call those series Anime, they still think these are cartoons. Even in arabic countries these series are broadcast and no one would connect that with japanese Anime.

Fans of Sailormoon:

Rikku, 19 years – Austria

I knew “Sailor Moon” from Television, 6 months later when the Manga was published. I started to collect Mangas. I have the VHS videos by the way still at home; Sailor Moon is and will ever be my favorite Anime, for sure.

Older generations are also fascinated by the series:

Frostrubin, Cel Collector, Fan of the ScFi Series Perry Rhodan,
Employer, 46 years old – Austria

The Plot: The Anime “Sailor Moon” has very sympatic characters, so good mixed up that almost everyone would find his favorite one. The Main character is of course Bunny Tsukino with her unflappable believes on the good side of the human being. Even the bad characters have good sides; they aren’t really that bad, sometimes even getting good. 200 sequels long a story is told where the characters are developing while getting older. Something, which is not common for an animated series at all.

The story is told over 1000 years and is getting more complexity the longer it runs. It’s a genial mixture of action, romance, drama and slapstick and shows unique and phantastic elements. There is a message: Helpfulness, borderless friendship and trust are essential and important. These are things; you have to search long in the real world. And of course there is the film music, which conveys the moods and situations perfect. Sometimes I am still getting goose pimples watching it, like when they discover that Bunny is the Moon princess.

Cel – What is that?

One episode of Sailor Moon consists of 3.500 Cels that can go up to 6000 – 8000, depending on quality and budget. The anime film Princess Monokone for example consist out of 144 00 Cels, single drawings. Nobody thought that Cels sometimes would be collector items. Therefore a lot was simply thrown away. A really good Cel? You see a main character of the film or movie in an important scene, eyes open, laughing, in the middle of the Cel, having a good pose. Of course most Cels only show a part of one body…