Name: Heather
Age: 37
Profession: costume making and sales

Since when are you a fan?

I’m not a big anime fan, but I love science fiction. I have liked that since I was 5. That’s about the age I started to dress up.

You are visting Conventions in the USA and Thailand? Your personal view of differences?

Yes, I am at 20 – 28 shows a year. The shows in the USA have much bigger dealer rooms! Also, more kids are in costumes. I did notice that the costumes in Thailand were very good. While there were far fewer of them, they seemed well made. I think in the USA everyone wants to wear something (that’s why you see alot of people in cardboard boxes) and it Thai they are dressed to compete.
Isn´t that childish somehow?

Costuming is an art form. It is a way to express yourself. Also, it is a way to show what your interests are. When you are dressed as a particular show, you can find others that like the same show.

Grown ups or youth dressed up taking pictures I don’t really understand all the picture taking, but I am from a generation when pictures were expensive and you had limited film so you didn’t take pictures of EVERYTHING. Now it’s cheap and deleting is easy. When you don’t have to pay for developing you take more pictures.

I would like to add an opinion about the cosplay in the USA. The kids that dress up here aren’t the “cool” kids in school. They are the ones that are different. When they go to a con they are accepted by their peers. When they wear a costume others stop them to take a picture and it is very flattering and a good ego boost. Everyone wants to be acceptance.

Remark by Eva Schimmer: Yes, some are different, for sure not so cool. But in general they improve due  to visiting the conventions to people with a healthy self-trust. Sometimes the cool kids lose that after some time…