Name: Sivan
Age: 21
Profession: animation student

The dress looks amazing; why did you chose this character?

First of all,thanks! The character is C.C from the anime code geass. This version is from the artbook.
Actually i choosed the character just by her look and the dress design, because i wanted to challenge myself as a cosplayer and try something a bit harder than what i’ve done before. I’ve watched the anime to learn more about C.C’s behavior, I think it´s important to also act like the character and not just look like her.

Is the Cosplay selfmade? Who did the dress? How did you made it that the dress is falling that good?
Yes. My grandma made the patterns and helped me a little bit to sew the sleeves. The rest of it i sewed myself with guidance from my mom. The skirt designed in a bell shape to make it fall nicely on the crinoline.

How long are you doing Cosplay?
From 2005, since I was 15

Did it took you a long while to get ready for the photoshoot? Who helped you to dress up?
Depends on the cosplay, how many parts does it have and if i need to use a wig or special makeup or not. I don´t know how to wear a wig. Yeah, I am 6 years in this business and still dont know how to do it right. So my mom or my friend is helping me with that.

What does your mum think about your hobby?
She thinks its a bit childish and that im wasting a lot of money for something that im wearing for one day only. But in the end I think she’s kind of like it.

What is a perfect cosplay in your eyes?
A perfect cosplay is that you can see that the cosplayer gave it his best effort to make it look as close to the original design. It doesn´t have to be grandiose and complicated to look good, even a simple outfit can look amazing as long as you choose the right fabrics, wigs etc.