Name: Auris
Age: 21
Profession: Student – Science of comparative literature

Do you also wear your Cos when you are not attending a convention?

Sometimes, when I’m not meeting with others, it happens that I’m wearing my costumes. Many people out there in the streets think it might be a crazy fashion trend and they don’t recognize the style. Unfortunately there are also those who are taking pictures with their mobiles, without even asking if they are allowed to or not. Then they are whispering to their friends and pointing their fingers at me.

How important is fashion for you?

Fashion itself is not that important for me. I found my own style and I’m very happy about that.

How do you know what is ‚in in Japan?

I do find out via the www. Either from japanese women who speak english, or from foreigners living in Japan, via YouTube or Blogs about fashion.

Have you ever been to Japan?

Yes, in 2009 I’ve been to Japan for the third time.