Name: Isadora
Age: 31
Profession: Project manager in advertising

Why did you choose and wear this character for the LBM 2009?

Originally the costume was intended to be part of a group-cosplay for the contest. Due to external circumstances this could not take place. I played the game the year before and was very fond of the character design. I was attracted by the overall design of the character with her surreal proportions: exaggerated womanhood, sweeping garments and headdress in combination with the skeleton elements. The ‚Queen of the dead’ seemed to be a wonderful challenge of craftmanship. The headdress consists of a wire-rim which is covered with foam rubber and faux leather. For the dress I ordered approximately six to eight metres of fabric. The bones on my back and arms are made of a reconstructed medicinical model made of plastic material.

How and when did your attention focus on Cosplay, Manga, Animes,…?

I watched Animes when I was a teenager, without knowing the correct term for it. In 2004 I visited my first convention, but as a ‚civilian’. The great number of Cospalyers there did inspire me, my first costume – Lulu from ‚Final Fantasy X’ – I sewed in 2005 and it debuted at the AnimagiC the same year.

How many Cosplays do you own? Are they all self-made?

Around 20 which I call my own. I do sew all my costumes myself, do use some ready-made products like gloves, unicolored shirts or shoes and the like. If there’s some workmanlike stuff to be done, I do seek aid, asking friends or family how do own the necessary machines. I also do enjoy that I can and do learn something new with each of my costumes.

What do you like best when doing Cosplay? Creating the costumes, meeting friends at conventions,
being photographed,…?

A combination of everything. To start planning a costume combined with trying to get all the necessary stuff for it is quite enthralling every time, but also nerve-racking in case you can’t find what you’re looking for or the things do only arrive a day before the convention starts. During the creation of a costume there are also phases where there’s not so much fun in doing it, but also those times when it’s a lot of fun. A perfect convention would be one with a wonderful location, perfect weather, meeting friends and having time to produce very beautiful images.

Otaku what comes to your mind?

A term that I read quite often but don’t use myself that much. For me it’s neither associated with an either positive nor negative impression.