Name: Anja Nickname: Zadazenea
Age: 22
Profession: student

When did you start to discover drawing for you?

I always liked to draw. When I was a child I always wanted to be as good as my older sister. Later on two of my teachers, especially my art-teacher during fifth and sixth term, encouraged me a lot. Both of them could draw really good, which motivated me more than you would believe. I’m drawing Manga now since the year 2000… But not that much in the beginning. It started out really intense around 2003/2004.

Drawing in your own style, do people accept that?

Well, there are always fans and others who don’t like my style. I think that there’s no artist out there in the Manga-scene that hits the nerve of everybody. When I’m reading through the comments on my website, there are every once in a while statements like „idea for the picture and coloration work good, but I don’t really like your style that much“… I don’t think of that as really negative. There are also colleagues out there whose style has nothing in common with what I like. But that’s the good thing with Manga: there are so many directions – moods to let your images speak of. You can create serious, grown-up scenes, you can create kitsch and sweet stuff, very droll – unrealistic – comical anatomy – every artist has his own language and branch…

Those who don’t like my style can still choose from a great range of others to view their creations. ^.^

Do you create your own characters?

Yes, mainly I’m drawing my own characters.

I also try to bring my art to the people, be it as a calendar or as posters, etc. Charcters from Mangas and Animes are copyrighted, so I am allowed to draw them but I’m not allowed to sell prints of those drawings. I do also draw my own favourite characters from time to time.

Did you ever think about becoming a Mangaka?

Yes, sure, when you’re drawing Manga you always think about it from time to time. But honestly, I’m not one of the fastest artists out there. When I see, how many pages some artists working for publishing houses do finish in one day, I really have to admit that I can’t do that. I try once in a while to get some of my own stuff printed. My own ‚Doujinshi’-book is planned for some time now. But that I do get a contract with a publishing house to produce a Manga seems quite unrealistic.

Do people accept Cosplay and drawing?

My friends do not only accept it, I would say that about 90% of my friends are also involved within this scene. So it would be quite absurd if they wouldn’t accept it, right? Those who don’t have anything to do with Manga do at least like the quality of my costumes and my art. When trying to sell my calendars to people from the university or my old school, I sometimes hear things like „that’s all children’s stuff“ and the like. But i don’t listen to that at all. I don’t get involved with those people that much, so their comments can’t hurt me in any way. My friends and family do support me in what I do, that’s the most important part for me.