Cosplayers do live in a sort of „imaginary world“ loaded with computer games,… are childish,…
Do they need more attention, are they vain because of the fact that one produces flamboyant Cosplays?

The asserted fact about computer games does definitely not fit for me. I’m absolutely not into gaming. I can’t sit down for a whole day and have some characters jump around the TV screen. „Childish“ or „childlike“ are two terms that often do get mixed up or put on the same level. Just like men will always stay kids regarding, for example, soccer or cars, women are quite similar to that. Every woman wants to play a certain dream role, be it a princess or a tough woman. Cosplay is not childish, it simply allows us to get a step closer to that dream role. If you are a child under the age of 18, it is quite normal to act like a child. Because the majority of Cosplayers are very young, you can see a lot of kids, running around ‚playing’ their roles.

You can’t say the whole community is „childish“. Many have a live, with a job, children, a family to care for. Some youths don’t know yet what it is like to organize your life on your own and – most important – to finance everything on your own. They are more light-hearted, wherefore they do think that cosplay is more important as, let’s say, school for example. When doing cosplay they are amongst like-minded people and friends, who pass through the same experience.

One gets only called vain in this scene if you, no matter how good your costumes, don’t spend your time with certain people and act accordingly. I’d say that I’ve become known for my plain as well as flamboyant costumes and have not been called vain until now. You can also get attention in a simple costume.