Convention: Connichi 2010
Country: Kassel, Germany

The most important rules of the Connichi:

At the whole area smoking drinking, alcohol, drugs are forbidden. No show battles.

Allowed weapons have to be carried close to the body inside the building. Well we are talking here not about authentic swords. Everyone who shows up with a real japanese sword is not allowed to enter. In the past someone was thinking that is cool… But thats a story you can read in another entry on this blog.

So is it ok to carry real weapons as Cosplayer ? Nahh too simple… Let your imagination play. We are talking about 3 meter size battle sticks, clubs,… looking like a shark for example. Battle robots ,… Everything characters in Computergames are wearing to defend or attack in supersize, crafted over weeks before the convention. Some are made out of wood, some of metal, some of plastic…. The material and way the costume and also the weapon is done depends on the craftman ship of the Cosplayer. Yeah and you should be able to carry it for more then 10 hours in a row too…. So weight of a supersize weapon is a topic.

In the halls its most of the time crowded, not like the Leipziger Bookfair but even though here you can heart someone. Imagine carrying a three meter sword, you see an interesting Manga in one of the stores you turn around and BANG! Two other people get a slash on their head…

So weapons are collected at the entrance. The only weapon check around the world where I really love to see the collection of weapons every year.

To take pictures with your four meter gun you stay as most big size costumes in the park beside the convention center to show off. You can enter the park for free by the way.

Necessary somehow because the tickets of this conventions are sold out months before the convention.