Name – Nickname: „Naraku“ – Germany
(creating High-end Costumes)
Age: 22
Profession: Jewelry designer

How did you become a Cosplayer?

I’m involved in this scene officially since 2001, what means that I’m an ‚old-timer’. My first Manga has been ‚Macross’, in english, which I ‚borrowed’ from my brothers when I was six or seven years old. At the age of eight I started to draw, focus my interests on Japan in general, and sooner or later one automatically stumbles upon the theme of „Cosplay“.

Because I’ve always been a „colorful“ child, it was quite symptomatic for me to show up at my first convention wearing a costume. My first Anime-series on TV have NOT been ‚Maya, the bee’ or ‚Heidi’ and the like, they were series like ‚Mila Superstar’, ‚Cat’s Eye’, ‚Kurt’, ‚Lady Oscar’, ‚Sailor Moon’, ‚Planet of the dinosaurs’, ‚Robin Hood’ and so on. Back then, when I grew up,  there were many very beautiful Anime-series shown on TV.

How do you choose the characters for your Cosplays?

Mostly you choose a character because it fits you in some kind of way, which have a certain similarity or symbolize a state of heroism. You can also choose a chara because you sympathize with it, because the actions and reactions seem to be logical and known to you. Some Cosplayers decide because they think it’s a ‚cute’, ‚cool’, ‚sweet’ character. This means: They fit into some kind of category, they like it and want to be like that or want to be seen that way. Other figures are simply chosen because of the fact: ‚I’m also a lawyer – student – cashier – designer, so I know perfectly well how this character thinks and acts.’, or one has a general interest in the history or life of a figure.