Name: Ghost of K
Age: 22
Profession: student

In 2007 you did win the title „Otaku of the year“ during a convention? Does this term have another meaning in Japan, a negative one?

Throughout Austria’s Manga and Anime scene, the term „Otaku“ is more like a title of honor for someone who is comprisingly interested or a very specialized person. In Japan it’s a term for youths who are socially withdrawn in the anime world. It is more like a stigma for social „failure“ or „outcasts“.

Your first contact with Anime, Manga…?

Through a friend. The animes ‚Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs’ and ‚Ghost in the Shell’.

Do women sew better?


Contests did you ever participate?

Sure I did participate in contests: at the AniNite 2007 and at the Made In Japan 2008, both time winning first place.

Frequent contact with other Cosplayers? Conventions or internet?