Convention: Aninite 2007
Country: Vienna, Austria



5 years ago I was thinking the first time to do a longterm photoproject about Anime fans, Cosplayer,…

I started in Austria,… and now I am photographing in Thailand, USA …
I never expected that there will be so many shootings, so many people involved in the end,…

2008 we had the first bigger exhibition of the Yume, Genjitsu series in Linz.

2009 followed by an exhibition at the Leipziger Book fair. It was great to see the pictures on big 60 x 80 cm prints.  To watch people watch if you like.

2010 a first printed edition was published.

2011, well the blog will go online and updated regulary, a second printed edition will be published and

I´m working on a new series to the subject….  lets see what happens till 2016….