Name: Elke – Austria
Age: 20
Profession: Student (Anglistics, textile design and art education for teaching profession),
freelance graphic artist

How did you get involved with Cosplay?

My former classmate and good friend Nefeline took me along for my first and until now also last convention about two years ago.

Why didnt you visit other Cons since then? No time, no interest,…?

It’s a chronic shortage of time, therefore I didn’t succeed in visiting another convention since then. I have to admit that I do pity this.

Mangas and Comics, what dont you like about them?

Basically the aesthetics of many Comics and Mangas do attract me, because the stories are often told by really extraordinary artists.

Just think about the tremendous, the plasticity of the surfaces and characters created through light-dark contrast or the unique page layout in ‚Sin City’. What kinda annoys me, regarding most Mangas and Comics, is that there’s only shallow contents. The forever ongoing fight between good and bad and the adjunct black-and-white-painting do bore me stiff in many ways, and I don’t dare to say that the same topics aren’t present in other medias as well.

The way women are portrayed does worry me in many cases: barely dressed and heavily armed. The presentation of solving conflicts with violence is really questionable, although I’m quite well aware that this genre of literature thrives on exaggeration and the greatest part of it has to be viewed as ironical. But one can’t presume that every consumer of Mangas and Comics is aware of that. So, from my point of view as an prospective educator, I believe that the presentation of sexuality and violence in this kind of media is questionable. I can’t deny that to immerse into the self-created world of Mangas and Comics created by one’sown phantasy can be fun, but I do think, that one should never loose the view on reality.