Name: Sudipta  – Delhi – India
Age: 21
Profession: Student (Undergrad)

Since when are you an Anime Fan?

Well I have been an on and off anime fan since 2000. On and off because I never had regular access to anime series since there were very few animes aired on T.V. and watching it online all the time wasn’t possible at that time. Animax was available only after 2005-2006. Primarily that is the biggest source for watching anime other than watching it online which is also possible now.

Your first anime series was,… ?

The first series that I watched was Fushigi Yuugi, which was aired as Curious Play on AXN (TV-Network) in 2000-01.

When was the first time you got in touch or used Computers?

I started using computers when I started my schooling. I am networking online with other anime fans in my city and other cities too throughout India. The popular forums and social networking sites I use are Facebook, Animax-Asia, Twitter .

Are Mangas expensive?

Well Mangas are not too expensive but getting them or buying them is a problem for most. They are not easily accessible. Mostly a Volume of Manga costs between Rs. 300 – 500. But prices of Anime Figurines is out of reach for most people. Figurines would cost somewhere between Rs. 3000 – 7000 and the only way to get them is by importing them. And the ones available over here are American imports.

Eva Schimmer: price for a cinema ticket is around 350-500;

Computergames, Comics, what do you think about that? Are you also a fan of that?

Well from an anime perspective. Computer Games related to anime are not at all popular except Naruto and Dragon Ball series. There are a few that are played by some people like the Persona series, Devil May Cry series, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy series of games but then that’s about it and they are not widely played. Though the Gaming scene in India is improving a lot, but still that’s the General PC gaming and Console Gaming with no inclination towards Anime Games.

The Delhi Anime Club – How long does it exist?

The Club has been formed in December, 2009. It was formed as a online forum on one of the social networking sites. After an online interaction of around 2 months, we all decided to have our first anime meetup on Feb -7, 2010. And there has been no looking back, we have been continuously getting new anime fans with every passing month.