http://www.animexx.dein german

or  in english or is a community for all Anime-, Manga- and Japan-fans. It’s based on the german community, which does exist since since early 2000, but also has a fast-growing english part. It’s created by fans for fans – registering, uploading fan arts and convention photos and all other services provided on the english site are free to use.

The most important parts of this sites are:

  • Fanarts – more than 500.000 images. You can publish your own ones.
  • Fanfiction – user-published stories.
  • Dōjinshi – online-comics drawn by our members.
  • Discussion forum
  • Members – find fans that share your interest
  • Weblogs – every member has a own weblog
  • over a million Convention photos
  • Cosplay photos

Every year the Connichi in Kassel gets organized by the community.