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Gotta catch ‘em all! In their world, you dont buy or adopt your pets, you fight them, defeat them, and convince them to live in small balls. Such action surely brings friends closer in the world of Pokemon. A character centric adventure anime series inspired from the game created by Satoshi Tajiri, Pokemon was an instant success amongst kids and young adults alike.
The story revolves around Ash ketchum, a young boy who wishes to become the greatest pokemon master. With different friends to accompany him on his journey, and his trusty sidekick pikachu (an electric pokemon who can release electric shocks through his cheeks), Ash battles several gym leaders and the notorious Team Rocket throughout the anime. Capturing and training pokemon has been depicted as a lifestyle. Fancy having a fire breathing dragon as your pet?


Magic weilding cute teenage girls wearing sailor uniforms and fighting supernatural enemies, well that pretty much sums up the whole of Sailor Moon.  With a cat to guide them (yes, a cat), Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, etc. lead the battle against hordes of demons from the Dark Kingdom, Black moon, Dark Moon, and the likes.

With hairbands turning into flying energy discs and bubble attacks, almost anything girlie can be the most unexpected weapon the opponents ever faced. School life could’ve never been this eventful!

Just to lighten up the mood ^_^

Q: Where does Kagome clean her clothes?
A: Inu-washa

Q: Why is Light like a lift?
A: Because he’s an L evader.

L: you seem different today Light.. whats up?
Light: YAGAMI backwards spells “I’m a gay”!

And to finish this post with a yo mama joke.. 😉

Yo momma is so Fat even Naruto doesn’t believe it! 😛