Guidelines for Aliens
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Alien engl. description for a foreigner, outsider

Animax japanese satellite-TV channel, (pay TV) which only broadcasts animes; founded in Japan in 1998; since 2005 also broadcasting in Latin-America in spanish and portuguese; since 2007 in Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Animexx forum, club, website,… for manga-, anime-fans and cosplayer german speaking countries


Chara character, figure,… which is being cosplayed

Character characters are chosen because of different reasons – to make the series one likes best more popular,because it shows traits one knows, per chance, one would always like to be a…

Con Convention

Con-helper voluntary, unpaid helper for the duration of a Con

ConHon booklet or book, which is used to give new-found friends the opportunity to draw something, to write down their names, Animexx nicknames or eMail addresses

Conmama Corinna – responsible for (nearly) everything; applies only to the Connichi

Connichi Manga-, Anime-Convention held by the club Animexx e.V., duration of several days

Con-Photos taking pictures is an essential part of each convention – everyone takes pictures of themselves, friends and other cosplayers, organizes shootings near the con-grounds which can last several hours sometimes. ‚We’re just off for a quick photoshoot before lunch’, can easily take longer than anyone would expect.

Convention lat. Convenire – ‚get together’; often referred to as Con – an event where like-minded people get together; many conventions offer rooms for merchants, also scheduled shows; Anime-Conventions are events with Cosplay-contests, one or more scheduled on-stage performances, signing hours or anime viewings; big cons take place once a year, smaller meetings do take place more often; one can attend bigger Anime-Conventions in Brasil, China, the US, Australia, France, Italy,…

Cos short-term for cosplay; indicates the costume most of the time

Cosplay jap. Kosupure; a term borrowed from the english language; consists of COStume and PLAY; there’s single-cosplay and group-cosplay; in the meantime, cosplay has a become a worldwide phenomenon; the exact origin of the japanese term kosupure can be found in MMag. Joanne Potkanskis text

Cosplayer people of all ages who take their favourite characters from Manga, Animes, videogames,… depending on various criteria and do present them during a con, meeting,…; costumes are self-made by most cosplayers; all this happens on a voluntary basis and without getting paid (european definition)

Cosplay-partner a cosplay-partner can be either a female or a male person who cosplays a character from the same series

Cosplay-contest Cosplayers do perform alone or within a group in front of a jury and the audience and this performance gets evaluated by the jury, regarding craftmanship and acting; evaluation criteria differ from one country to another

Craftmanship crafts, making – evaluation criteria during a cosplay-contest; can also be an own competition


DCM german cosplay championship



Gothic Lolita determines a fashion style which originated in Japan and which takes elements from victorian clothings; there are various subgroups which differ in colorstyle, accessories and the clothing style itself

Group-cosplay a bunch of people do play characters from the same series


L.A.R.P. Live Action Role Play – an event with aduration of several days where you try to impersonate a certain character, e.g. a magician, and act out their behaviour in interaction with other L.A.R.P.ers in real time

LBM Leipzig Book Fair (Germany)


Manga the term Manga consits of the japanese word man (= spontaneous, random) and ga (= image, drawing); nowadays Manga denominates first and foremost Story-Manga, ‚Comics’ following literary narratives with a length of 16, 32, or more than 64 pages; the annual turnover in Japan averages approx. 500 billions Yen (3,7 Mrd. Euro)

Mangaka Manga-artist

Manga reading direction from the back to the front and from right to left


Orga Organizer

Otaku big Anime-, Manga-fan (european definition); in Japan this term has a rather negative connotation


Performance acting, presentation – evaluation criteria during a cosplay-contest; can also be an own competition

Patterns There are no cutting templates for producing a Cosplay costume, therefore patterns are adapted or redesigned by the cosplayers; nearly all cosplayers do not have an education as a tailor or dressmaker but are pure autodidacts


Showgroup Group of people who perform shows during conventions, which are often rehearsed during month-long practice; can be compared with a musical – dancing, singing,…

Smilies (Emoticons)

Punctuation marks building a smiley to express moods or feelings; e.g.

^.^ or ^^       hug
J              smiling
o_o              surprised


Visual Kei The name consists of the english terms visual and the Kanji sign kei (system, origin, descent, clique)



WCS       World Cosplay Summit – the only annual cosplay-contest which takes place in various countries like Germany, France, Italy, the US,… since 2003; the national winners travel to Japan to perform against each other, this event is sponsored by a japanese TV-channel – not every character can be cosplayed as we were told by an italian contestant.

Telegenity has not harmed anyone yet…