More then 1000 people, more then 10 countries visited, more then
10 000 pictures, working since 2006 on a collection of the most inspiring Cosplayers around the globe.


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“Das Verkleidungsdings aus Fernost”

Kosupure – Cosplay (2006 – 2009) Eva Schimmer, Holger R. Weimann

Limited Edition
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“Many comics show a superhero, who is so ‘Oberdrübermega’ and who saves the world. Mangas show normal, everyday people and the story focuses on them and their daily-life problems.”
Cloud Dark on – Why are you reading Mangas and not Comics?

“When you do LARP (Live Action Role Play) you get hit by a weapon made of rubber, when doing a show-fight, you can only hope you don’t get hit at all, because those weapons are made out of solid steel, …”
Johann, talking about the differences between L.A.R.P. and show-fights,…

Hardcover, offset-printing, 164 pages, ISSN 2077-866X, approx. 12 x 8,5 inches, including over 120 color-images and 6 illustrations, weblinks, interviews and background-information.

A humurous view behind the scenes of a worldwide youth-culture, which did also “infect” Austria – Europe – and has not stopped there. How did TV-series like Heidi, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Naruto, … inspire teens, twens and those young at heart, to create costumes with, for example, 3,5 metre wide wings.

Ideal for everybody with a good sense of humour, sociologists or people who want to be bewitched by photography …

Inside Inside

We simply wanted to show more than well made costumes. Our aim was – from the beginning – to show the motivation of the guys and girls involved, why they spend so much time, love and effort fort his hobby. They should get the chance to be heard, to answer questions, everyone of them has heard a million times since they started doing cosplay, … in their own words.
Eva Schimmer


Limited edition art print:

A LAMBDA-Laserprint on Photopaper  (Chromogenic-Print = C-Print) on a 2 mm Alu-Dibond plate, the frontside has as protection a with silicon clued Acryglas plate.

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Title: Klick, Vienna, Austria 2010

Medium: On-Silicon
Published:  2011
Edition of Copies: 5
Size: 60 cm x 60 cm
Signed and numbered  + Certificate of Authenticity

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