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Pop Japan Travel is a premiere provider of Pop Culture Tours in Japan. The company is an agency that organizes tours throughout Japan. Their specialize in theme-based tours, like the Hanabi Tour they offer for those who wish to enjoy the traditional fireworks display and other iconic summer festivals of Japan, the Akihabara tour of rthe technology and anime geeks, etc.

Japan the land of Anime and Manga, attracts a lot of youth.  A must for the Japan Pop Culture Lovers.
The Tour goes to:

whats great is that you also have variety of other options to choose from.

But due to the current situation in Japan, they have cancelled all their Japan services for 2011. But there is 2012 to look forward to.

Let us all pray for the quick recovery in Japan.


The Akatsuka Award is a semi-annual award presented to comdey centric mangakas by the Japanese publisher Shueisha.

The award was named after Fujio Akatsuka, one of the most successful gag manga artists. Since 1974, it was started to reward new mangaka in the Comedy Manga category. Its counterpart award, Tezuka Award, awards new mangaka in the Story Manga category. Its named after the legendary Osamu Tezuka.

The Tezuka Award is for the New Comic Artists in the Story Manga category whereas Akatsuka award is offerd for the Comedic Manga category.

The purpose of the awards is to cultivate new artists or also called Mangakas.

Anime Expo, Los Angeles is considered as the biggest Anime Convention in America.

The convention is traditionally held on the july 4th weekend.

The events which garner most attention at the Expo are Cosplay contest, Anime Music Video competition and the Charity Auction.
The exhibit hall at expo showcases products from various exhibitors and also the fan art. Apart from that other cosplay material can also be purchased.

Yes, of course there is also cosplay.

Comiket or Comic Market, is the world’s largest self published Comic book fair and takes places bi-anually in Tokyo, Japan.

It is held once in August(the Summer Komike) and once in December (Winter Komike).

NastuComi (Summer Comiket) is three days long, and usually is held during the weekend around Aug 15. FuyuComi(Winter Comiket) is two to three days long and usually is held between Dec 28 and 31.

The next Comiket, will be held on August 12, 13, 14 2011.

You can find Doujinshi, selfpublished by Anime and Manga fans. Comiket was one of the first regular established festivals in Japan. 

Countdown of movie releases in Japan. Stay tuned.

Name: Michelle – Michy “Hikaraseru” – UK
Age: 20 years
Profession: student

For How long are you doing Cosplay?

I started cosplaying in 2007. My first costume was “Ritsuka from LOVELESS”

How many Cosplays do you have and why did you start?

I have about six to seven at last count, with a few more in the works! I started out cosplaying because my friends introduced me to conventions, and I got attracted by the idea of being able to bring friend your favourite characters to life. Looking back I´ve gained so many like minded friends along the way who have become among my closest friends so far.

What is the best part, doing the costumes, taking pictures, being admired in some kind of way,… meeting with friends?

The best part for me would have to be being with friends. In the end, I remembered not the event, not how many pictures I took or how many have been taken by me, nor the number of admirers I gained for the effort  I put into the costume, but the fact that I was able to share such moments with people who have believed in me and supported me all the way.

Name: Eloisa “El”- UK
Age: 25 years old
profession: student

When did you start Cosplay – What does it mean to you?

I dabbled into Cosplay back in 2002. Then when I found friends to do it with, I did it more continuously from around 2005. For me it´s more meeting friends and creating a work of art together with them. So it is not only the cosplay but also the setting, the make-up.

You knew Cosplay before you started doing it yourself?

Yeah, I did.

Did you get into Cosplay because of Manga and Anime?

Hmm, more like – I got into Anime and Manga because of Cosplay.

Do you like Comics too?

Yes, when I was young. Non japanese ones, hmm Marvel Comics, and Archie when I was really young.. And Neil Gaiman.

http://www.animexx.dein german

or  in english or is a community for all Anime-, Manga- and Japan-fans. It’s based on the german community, which does exist since since early 2000, but also has a fast-growing english part. It’s created by fans for fans – registering, uploading fan arts and convention photos and all other services provided on the english site are free to use.

The most important parts of this sites are:

  • Fanarts – more than 500.000 images. You can publish your own ones.
  • Fanfiction – user-published stories.
  • Dōjinshi – online-comics drawn by our members.
  • Discussion forum
  • Members – find fans that share your interest
  • Weblogs – every member has a own weblog
  • over a million Convention photos
  • Cosplay photos

Every year the Connichi in Kassel gets organized by the community.
Well sometimes it is also necessary to advertise.

Please visit the links above, become a fan of Evatronica, Kosupure Cosplay around the globe on Facebook.

thanks 😉

Yes of course there is a radiation level in Japan. Yes of course it is at your own risk to visit Japan. But if you are heading there and you are a fan of Manga, Cosplay, Gothic lolita and Anime do not skip to visit this place.

The International Manga Museum in Kyoto, Japan. A must be in terms of sight seeing. The collection is presented in a former school and gives you an overview about the history of Manga. A must place to visit – sorry for using the japanese term – for every otaku. shōjo manga, science fiction manga, Bleach, Naruto, …. popular all around the globe but also not so know Mangas are part of the collection.