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Comiket or Comic Market, is the world’s largest self published Comic book fair and takes places bi-anually in Tokyo, Japan.

It is held once in August(the Summer Komike) and once in December (Winter Komike).

NastuComi (Summer Comiket) is three days long, and usually is held during the weekend around Aug 15. FuyuComi(Winter Comiket) is two to three days long and usually is held between Dec 28 and 31.

The next Comiket, will be held on August 12, 13, 14 2011.

You can find Doujinshi, selfpublished by Anime and Manga fans. Comiket was one of the first regular established festivals in Japan.

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A group of manga artists, under the guidance of  Ranjo Miyake, have launched a post-tsunami art project, entitled “Jishin no Baka Yaro: MDS Sakusen”, or “F*** You, Earthquake”.

Many  manga artists thought “I want to help! Through manga!” And that’s what we’re doing. These are the illustrations and messages submitted by manga artists who want to do what they can now”.

The title was thought up by Shiriagari Kotobuki. The project’s subtitle, “Manga-ka datte dekiru koto wo suru”, means “Even manga artists will do what they can”. As manga artists we send you messages from deep within our souls. We’re powerless to help you, but we are thinking of you, praying for you, wishing you well”.

After massive earthquake and Tsunami tragedy, which hit March 11, 2011 in Japan, 14 world-renowned photojournalists get together to show their pictures and raise funds to the victims.

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Name: Zacki
Country: Vienna – Austria

Eva Schimmer: No that is not my credit, its from a very talented, young female austrian graphic designer… and Cosplayer.

We thought a project about Fans of Manga, Anime, Comics… Something would be missing if not shown as well. You can find it in the “Das Verkleidungsdings aus Fernost…”



The future of Comics…

The Next Comic Festival is a once a year taking festival in Upper Austria. Featuring Comics, Manga, Anime,… Its a great meeting point to chat with people, collectors,… This year Achdé – the person behind Lucky Luke is also exhibiting. Paper Toys at the ok (a art museum in Linz)…  oh and yes the “big monster” on the first picture its made out of cardboard…

Name: Maria
Age: 20
Profession: student

Name: Lolly
Age: 17
Profession: pupil

100 from 10 000 pictures online… I am reworking the interviews I have done with all people involved at the moment. The internet is a vivid medium, so there will be changes at older postings too. Check them out, if you pass by in the future.

I am starting right now with the presales of the second printed publication.

Presales price 35,– Euro, later 45,– incl. Tax without handling and shipping;
Limited Art -Edition only.

Or you would like to read more in the latest editon:

“Das Verkleidungsdings aus Fernost”
Kosupure – Cosplay (2006 – 2009)

The term “cosplay” (kosupure) derives from “costume play” and denominates the dressing-up and posing, as well as the appearance as a fictitious figure.

Appropriate costumes are mostly sewn by the Cosplayers themselves.

Hardcover, offset-printing, 164 pages, ISSN 2077-866X, approx. 12 x 8,5 inches, including over 120 color-images and 6 illustrations, weblinks, interviews and background-information to the following themes:

Cosplay, Animefandom in Austria, Germany, UK, Hungary, …
Interviews with the people involved in this project (age range between 11 to 55 years); also detail-shots from the making-of of the costumes.

A humurous view behind the scenes of a worldwide youth-culture, which did also “infect” Austria – Europe – and has not stopped there. How did TV-series like Heidi, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Naruto, … inspire teens, twens and those young at heart, to create costumes with, for example, 3,5 metre wide wings.

Ideal for everybody with a good sense of humour, sociologists or people who want to be bewitched by photography …

Limited Edition
SP: 29,80 Euro excl. shipping and handling

To be ordered directly via   evatronix (at)

Inside Inside

“Many comics show a superhero, who is so ‘Oberdrübermega’ and who saves the world. Mangas show normal, everyday people
and the story focuses on them and their daily-life problems.”

Cloud Dark on – Why are you reading Mangas and not Comics?

“When you do LARP (Live Action Role Play) you get hit by a weapon made of rubber, when doing a show-fight, you can only hope you don’t get hit at all, because those weapons are made out of solid steel, …”
Johann, talking about the differences between L.A.R.P. and show-fights,…