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Anime Expo, Los Angeles is considered as the biggest Anime Convention in America.

The convention is traditionally held on the july 4th weekend.

The events which garner most attention at the Expo are Cosplay contest, Anime Music Video competition and the Charity Auction.
The exhibit hall at expo showcases products from various exhibitors and also the fan art. Apart from that other cosplay material can also be purchased.

Yes, of course there is also cosplay.


Name: Zacki
Country: Vienna – Austria

Name: Maria
Age: 20
Profession: student

Working on the english Translation right now….

Hardcover, offset-printing, 164 pages, ISSN 2077-866X, approx. 12 x 8,5 inches, including over 120 color-images and 6 illustrations, web links, interviews and background-information to the following themes:

Cosplay, Anime fandom in Austria, Germany, UK, Hungary, … Interviews with the people involved in this project (age range between 11 to 55 years); also detail-shots from the making-of of the costumes.

Limited Edition
SP: 29,80 Euro excl. shipping and handling

Orders: evatronica(AT)


I am Eva, I am working as Visual and Multimedia-Artist since 2004. I am a mixture of a VJ, photographer and filmmaker to characterize it best.

My works treat such themes like youth-culture, globalization, sociological and sociopolitical developments. Main focus of my work is producing multimedia works in the areas of print, web and video – a combination of stills, music and video for several kind of publication, but I am also doing live-sets with music and sounds.

Since 2006 I am taking pictures of teens and adults, who are interested in Manga, Anime, science-fiction novels and fantasy, LARP, comics, … I try to photograph them on a regular basis with different approaches. The project was first called

‘Yume, Genjitsu’ – dream and reality.

It is a project about cosplayers and their personal surroundings from all over Europe. More than 1000 people – no more I guess – have taken part. I have no idea how many have really been involved in the meantime. I stopped counting after 500. People (age range 11- 55 years) from Austria, Germany, UK, Hungary, Spain, Israel, USA … have participated so far, be it during a photo-shooting or an interview.

I changed the title to ‘From one Cosplay to the other’ this year.

Have a look at my website:

I am no cosplayer. Really, I do not own one single cosplay, I do not even dress up for carnival,… but I got fascinated by the fact how much passion is involved in the love for Anime, films, fiction, comics, Mangas.

I started a journey, I hope you will join me. This blog will be a mixture about news of the project, past and future experiences.